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Displaying a Shared iCloud calendar with default calendar module - possible?

  • I’m not an apple user so am unfamiliar with iCloud calendars in general. I have been able to get a public shared iCloud calendar to show events on MM, but I am trying to display the events from a shared calendar called “Family”. However there does not seem to be a way to set the shared calendar to be either public or private (when I click the ‘wifi’ icon to the right of the calendar called “Family”, I get a list of the people the calendar is shared with, not the private/public option). Does this mean you can’t display a shared iCloud calendar with MM?

    Thanks in advance for any help.

  • Module Developer

    @valid8r Are you owner of your shared calendar? Only owner can get the ics url.

  • @Sean I am logged in as my daughter into her iCloud account using her ID and password. I would be happy if I could get her actual calendar or the shared calendar as she is the one who really puts in most of the events. But all I see when logged in as her is the following list of calendars:

    “Family” (can’t make public or private)
    “Husband” (can make public or private)
    “Daughter 1” (can make public or private)
    “Daughter 2” (can make public or private)

    (note that I don’t know how to ‘see’ or access her direct calendar for some reason or I would simply make hers public and grab that URL…

    Thanks again.

  • Module Developer

    I think this is your case. (Family calendar autosharing). In this case, it seems you cannot make it as public or private. I cannot find how to do in this case.

  • @Sean That looks and ‘sounds’ right. Are you by chance an iCloud calendar user? I could get by with just using my daughter’s calendar if I could find it in the list of calendars, but as shown above in the list of available calendars, hers does not show! I’m flumoxed (sp?) by this fact and don’t even know how to ask the question of an Apple person.

  • Module Developer

    Don’t expect to get the right answer from Apple. They will say just, “Sorry, it’s not working like that”.
    I think the autoshared Family calendar (Only Family calendar has that characters) couldn’t be opened. Use other calendar to aggregate your family events by manual.

  • You can make it ‘public’:


    • Go to Calendar app
    • At the bottom you see ‘calendar’
    • click on it
    • click on the ‘i’ behind the family calendar
    • go to the bottom and make sure ‘public calendar’ is selected
    • select option ‘share’ and then select copy

    Now you have the public url and can use it

    Public Share Calendar iPhone


    • open calendar app
    • select the family calendar on the left
    • right click on the ‘wifi’ symbol
    • select settings for sharing
    • select public calendar and you can copy the url

    Good luck

  • @valid8r Did it work?

  • @htilburgs No, I’m afraid not. The “Family” calendar is created using Apple’s “Family Share” iCloud feature and it does not have the same ability to make Public or Private, like other calendars in the Apple Calendar application. What I am having to do is to merge all of the “Family” appointments/events into a new calendar I created (this has to be done by exporting then importing from one to the other calendar) and then getting the URL for that calendar…

    I do appreciate all of the help though.

  • @valid8r That’s not the case. As I’m also using the Apple Family calendar and it is possible.
    See the procedure in the earlier reply from me. You have to do it from an Apple device like iPhone, iPad or Mac and than you’re able to share it in a public link.

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