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Blank screen after updating tonight...

  • I just updated my MagicMirror, and I now get a blank screen. There is only one instance running, and when I stop and start the process through pm2, I get the desktop and the blank screen again, respectively.

    I used:

    git pull

    and received a message about package-lock.json needing to be stashed. I backed it up, then used:

    git reset --hard
    git pull
    npm install

    Immediately upon reboot, I received a blank screen. I also copied package-lock.bak to package-lock.json, and I still get the blank screen. I’m running both pihole and MagicMirror. Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.

  • UPDATE: It’s the PIR-Sensor Module which isn’t working. When I delete it from the config file, everything works great. When I add it back, the screen is completely blank. It’s the same config that was working before the update.

  • Mine also not working on RPi3, and removing the exact same plugin does not remedy the situation. Sample config does make it behave, but it seems like there might be another plugin issue?

    I’m running (or used to run)

    Remote Control
    DarkSky Forecast
    Network Scanner
    Volumio Playing
    Notification Trigger
    Assistant Mk2
    and PIR sensor.

    I upgraded because Electron was leaking or whatever it does to slow to a crawl, and slushing back to a previous Electron had not fixed the problem. Too tired to try them all one at a time right now, but I guess I’ll go to it tomorrow.

  • I have faced the same problem , any solution ?

  • use ctrl-shift-i to open the developers window and select the console tab, scroll around to see any errors, (red text)

    also, if you updated, u generally need to re-run npm install in every module that has a package,json file.
    The Hotword and Assistant will need electron-rebuild more than likely

  • thank you , i make the npm install in every module with package.json but he doesn’t work

  • @ines ok, we need to see the error… open the developers window

    how do you start MM, with PM2, or something else…

    the pm2.log might help too if used

  • WARNING! Could not load config file. Starting with default configuration. Error found: Error: Cannot find module ‘/home/pi/MagicMirror/modules/MMM-Hotword/node_modules/snowboy/lib/node/binding/Release/electron-v3.0-linux-arm/snowboy.node’

    this the error that i ve faced after the new update

  • @ines ok, you need to follow the instructions in hotword for the electron-rebuild

    But maybe in kiosk mode, you may meet some error like this;
    Error: Cannot find module '/home/pi/MagicMirror/modules/MMM-Hotword/node_modules/snowboy/lib/node/binding/Release/electron-v2.0-linux-arm/snowboy.node'
    In that case, you need to rebuild some binaries to match with Electron version.
    cd ~/MagicMirror/modules/MMM-Hotword/node_modules/snowboy
    npm install --save-dev electron-rebuild
    npm install nan
    ./node_modules/.bin/electron-rebuild   # It could takes dozens sec.

  • note that you will have the same problem in Assistant too


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