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Pir on off but with a webcam?

  • Was wondering if ther is a pir type module but ) can be used with a webcam? If so any recommendations on a bran/model. Wanted to also set up the assistant module and wonder if a webcam with a mic can be used to kill two birds with one stone?

  • The answer is yes.

    I use the motion GitHub project to signal motion, and my MMM-SleepWake module to wake/sleep

    MMM-Hotword and MMM-AssistantMk2 can give you some control.

  • why do you need the mmm sleep wake with the motion program?

    Also would this work through a two way mirror?

  • MMM-SleepWake does all the MM stuff to turn of hdmi or monitors if you can (I have to hide modules as my TV’s wont’ turn off)

    Motion is the thing that reads the webcam and signals events to MMM-SleepWake.
    i didn’t want to write code to manage a few hundred different webcams… and settings and … u name it.
    motion does all that…
    (and if u want video snapshots or little recorded sequences… all handled, or emailed, or…)

    I do not know on the camera behind the mirror… that would be something to test out the sensitivity

    I started with the webcam as motion detection, cause the 1st mirror app was voice based, so needed a mic…

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