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MMM-NowPlayingOnSpotify does not work

  • Hi all,

    i installed the Module as posted on github.
    Everything did work out.
    I got my Client ID, pasted everything in my config file and even have the spotify icon on my mirror.
    BUT if i play songs on Spotify, the module does nothing…

    my config is as followed:

    module: "MMM-NowPlayingOnSpotify",
      			position: "bottom_left",
     			config: {
        				clientID: "my id",
        				clientSecret: "mysecret",
       				accessToken: "mytoken",
    				refreshToken: "myothertoken"

    i noticed that the modules needs “Node.js version >= 7”, so i made a quick check with

    node -v

    and it turns out, that i have version 10 installed (v10.15.3)…

    Any ideas on how to fix that (at least for me) broken module?

  • Mine works fine. Are you a premium member?

  • yes i am an premium member…

  • I reinstalled everything - YES! THE WHOLE PI! - and it is still not working…

  • @Stef my guess is that it’s something with the Spotify api that you set up. If you are seeing the logo but it’s not recognizing when you play music to me it’s a config issue with Spotify or the form thing from the module owner that isn’t right. Was pretty easy to set up. Do a search on the board too. I know there is a multi page thread elsewhere

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