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MMM-GoogleMapsTraffic: Pricing / cost of usage

  • Hi,
    I have installed and configured the Google MMM-GoogleMapsTraffic module, but feel lost in the Google pricing concept.

    Will I ever be charged by Google using the MMM-GoogleMapsTraffic module with the standard values?
    The module is just calling a simple map with traffic information but no routing

    I checked the Google pricing web-page here:

    My best guess is that I am using the Maps JavaScript API to call Google Dynamic Maps and I get 28000 loads for free each month.
    In addition I get $200 credit to purchase additional loads. Since 100000 loads cost $7 I get another 2800000 loads on top.
    In total I get 28000 + 2800000 = 2828000 for free each month.

    Is my understanding correct?, hence I do not have to pay since Google already provides sufficient usage?

  • I use mmm-google route and while It should be sufficient under the free credit they give you . I was alarmed to find my actual usage much higher than I thought ( something like 500 requests in a few days) I use mmm-schedular to have the google module refreshed more frequently in the morning ( when I would be looking at it most likely) than in the afternoon and evening ( when I am usually not even in the house)

    hope that helps

  • Hi,

    It is my understanding that for $200 you get 28.000 calls (hence monthly $200 credit equivalent free usage).
    As you get a monthly free credit of $200, you get those for free.
    There is a price calculator link on the site where you can calculate things.
    You can put a quota to make sure you will not go over the ‘free’ amount.
    The statistics provided are very detailed, so you can monitor your usage very easily.

  • Now I received feedback from Google, that confirms 28,000 MagicMirror map loads each month based on the $200 credit:

    "Thank you for contacting Google Maps Platform Technical Support. My name is Xxx and I will gladly help you with your inquiry today.
    Upon close inspection of your account, indeed, you have the Maps Javascript API correctly enabled.
    Now, if you are using it to call Dynamic Maps, those 28,000 map loads are included within the $200 USD free monthly credit. Or, in other words, the $200 USD credit pays for the 28,000 map loads, ie, you get up to 28,000 map loads, for all intents and purposes, for free every month.
    If you exceed the $200 threshold, then yes, your account will be charged according to the pricing sheet you will find at
    That means that the monthly volume range above the 28,000 free map loads is 0.007 USD per each map load (or USD7 per 1000 map loads) up to 100,000 map loads.
    If you want to make sure that you do not exceed the free monthly $200 threshold, you can cap your API usage [1] to a certain number of calls per day and/or set budget alerts [2].
    We also provide an online calculator to estimate your usage at
    I hope you find this information useful, and if you need further assistance or clarification on the documentation provided, please do not hesitate to let me know. I am happy to help!
    Kind regards,

  • interesting as I have a 300 dollar credit not 200 and it looks like its for the entire year!

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