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MMM-ProfileSwitche - icone not working after update

  • Re: [MMM-ProfileSwitcher](A Profile/User/Layout Switching Module)

    Hello everyone,

    this module doesnt show the icon anymore. i followed all the post here about the font awesome issue. npm install etc etc but still ;-/ any idea ?

    i checked and it seems that the code is correct.

    getStyles: function() {
    return [“font-awesome.css”, this.file(‘MMM-TouchNavigation.css’)];

  • Hey everyone,

    It’s solved \o/

    somehow the @fortawesome wasnt created.
    i downloaded font awesome and recreated the symbolic link

    ln -s \home\pi\fontawesome @fortawesome fixed everything

    i saw you had an open issue with the exact same error message

    so i put that here 🙂

    fijne avond

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