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New to Pi and MM Needing Help

  • Hi All,

    First off I want to apologize as I’m sure there are tons of these posts, but I am asking for help. I am 2 weeks new to Pi (Arduino user). I want to build out my MM, but am hitting major hurdles. As I understand it, I configure the clock in file clock.js (all I did was change the hour format) and since the “clock” module is in the main config.js file it should show up. Well, all I can see if the calendar and news feed. The compliments, clock, and weather are all gone. I haven’t removed anything from the main config.js file so all these should be there. I have been Googling around and just can’t seem to find something to point out where my error is. I think I know what I am doing, but let’s be honest I’m too new for that. I know this is a completely newbie question, but all help is appreciated. Thanks in advance.


  • you don’t change the clock.js u change the css or the config.js…

    anyhow… open the developers window, ctrl-shift-i, and find the console tab,
    scroll up to find any errors (usually red text)…

    also can put clock into the filter box

  • @sdetweil - thank you! I wound up reinstalling it and it seems to be taking my edits. I appreciate the help!

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