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Currency Exchange Rates?

  • I am NOOB here. Was wondering if someone has developed a module that retrieves exchange rates base on the local currency?


  • I would love to have this functionality as well.

  • Moderator

    @foggy @elmerito25
    Could you please let me know how the output should look like?
    The base work is done (except for some more error handling and code cleanup) but I’d like your thoughts on the output.

  • @yawns

    Thank you for responding.

    I am away on business. Back on Friday and I will then comment.

    Best wishes.

  • @yawns Maybe similar like this: 0_1480528611146_andorid2.jpg It would be nice to have a base currency and then list the exchange rates for major currencies (USD/GBP/EUR…). Maybe an array of currencies so users can pick and choose what currency exchange rates they want to show.

    Thanks in advance!

  • Module Developer

    How many currencies are people really interested to follow on their mirror? 1? 3? 5? 10? More? This number would dictate the layout of the module.

    I’m considering a module for my self, but I basically just need 1 (THB/NOK).

  • Moderator

    Right, that’s my concern too. I don’t want to overload the mirrors space

    Maybe I can add some logic to choose the layout based on the number of currencies chosen

  • @yawns Agreed. Maybe a maximum of 3 currencies?

  • Moderator

    all right everyone, I did some progress on the module. Please take a look at it and let me know your thoughts.


    • ticker mode - displays all selected currencies in a marquee ticker, main use in my opinion is in bottom_bar or top_bar
    • table mode - display all selected currencies in a table. Up to 8 currencies are split into 2 columns, anything above is split into 3 columns
    • you can hide/show the curreny flag and the currency code/abbreviation
    • you can display a custom header above the output to show your selected base currency and the date of the data

    Question: Does anyone know if and how I could manipulate the original header to avoid the custom header thing and still display base currency and date?

    One notice: data is provided by which is updating their data once a day. There are other apis for currency rates but you cannot select your own base currency if you are on a free plan. Means you would have to pay for it

  • @yawns Super job. Thank you. Works well.
    Is it possible to define which currency is displayed first?

    Just in case another newbie comes along. the last (,) comma is in the wrong place and should be moved to the end.

    Best wishes.

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