My Hallway Mirror with metal frame

  • Hello dear fellow MagicMirror builders, after lots of trials and errors, I have finally finished my MagicMirror.

    I wanted to build a simple mirror that blends harmoniously into our interior and is also accepted by my family.
    The mirror should therefore have a certain size, but but should not protrude too far into the room.
    That’s why I have choosen a reasonably UltraSlim TV and a slim metal frame.
    I´m using a Samsung Smart TV and a Raspberry Pi 2 Model B assembled onto a metal frame.
    On the Pi the Operating system Raspberry Stretch from April 2019 and MagicMirror 2.7.1 is installed.
    Additionally I have installed an On/Off switch to the metal frame.
    The whole assy of frame and TV I have mounted to the wall via mounting rails and has a total depth of 52 mm and a weight of 25 kilogram.

    The cost of the whole build (including frame, glass and electronics) was a little more than EUR 200.

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    Specs and Cost:
    Mirror Glass – MIRROPANE CHROME SPY 80cm L x 60cm W @ 4mm thickness = EUR 90
    Rasberry Pi 2 Model B with Edimax Wifi Adapter = EUR 7 from an Online Used Market
    Monitor – Samsung UE32D4010 UltraSlim = EUR 65 from an Online Used Market
    Outer Frame – 640 mm L x 840 mm W x 20 mm D = EUR 20 from an Online Used Market
    Inner Frame – 600 mm L x 800 mm W x 30 mm D = EUR 12 from an ebay reseller
    MDF board – 100 mm L x 100 mm W x 2 mm D = EUR 10 from a hardware store

    Please see pictures below:

    Since I have a 4-fold multiple socket integrated, of course the mirror can still be extended.
    Maybe in the future even LED light and face recognition will be added, but at the moment I would like to admire my little project for a while.

    So finally of course I would like to thank Michael Teeuw, the creator of the MagicMirror, the different developers of the various modules and of course this community, who made this project possible.