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Cozi Family Organizer

  • Greetings all

    I am not sure if this is a post for Requests or General discussion, so sorry if I guessed wrong. 🙂

    Out family uses the Cozi Family Organizer ( to keep our lives in order. I am currently building a MM for my daughter, and would like to add the calendar to the display. Since I have not spent any time looking at building modules, I don’t know what is involved in adding this tool.

    A) Has anyone looked at adding this tool to the MM?
    B ) Could someone give me a brief overview of what might be involved in designing a Cozi module?
    C) Would I be better off just putting the Cozi calendar in an iFrame and not bothering with a custom module?

    Thanks in advance to all!

  • Based on the info at the Cozi page your calendar should have a share option which will give you a URL. You can use that URL within the default MM calendar module to display upcoming Cozi events.

    I am not sure how/if you could use the other Cozi features but the calendar option should be very straight-forward to setup.

  • Thank you mlcampbe! I will try running with the calendar link and see how it works.

  • Hello! Just curious as to whether or not you were ever able to integrate Cozi with the MM? I didn’t see any other topics associated with this app specifically, however I’m pretty new to this entire realm of technology and this forum. Thank you in advance!

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