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MMM-social-feed, challenge?

  • Hi,

    Where is the skilled programmer who can take the challenge and make a Social-feed module which may be based on something like: ([](link url))

    Ideally, it would seen from my side it would be desirable that a feed could make a popup like: ([](link url))

    And of course with customization of how long popup appears and where on the mirror it is display.

    Now it is easy to ha wishes 🙂
    So I must immediately say that I my self do not have any programming experience.

    So there I must also humbly say, that each action for the development of this desire will be received with enthusiasm.

    I’ve also searched the this forum here through for finding a Facebook feed, but could not find anyone who has had this issue up?

    So who dare to take challenges?

  • Quick head’s up to that topic! Surprised that nobody jumped on it!

    I’m interested too.

    Actually, I’m planning to use Familink Feed which I woud love to integrate on the mirror itself.