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MMM-AssistantMk2 Mic/Hotword Sensitivity

  • Does anyone have any recommendations on mic sensitivity improvements to either MMM-AssistantMk2 module or hotword detection in general? I have everything working beautifully, but MMM-AssistantMk2 tends to open the mic NOT only when the hotword is detected, but…pretty much any time anyone is speaking. This typically results in the module opening YouTube and playing a random r&b video (which I also can’t figure out how to stop without killing the whole mirror application).

  • I have the same issue with stopping the youtube video…

  • Module Developer

    hotword detection is not so precise especially when you use universal models. sometimes similar(or even not similar at all) pattern is detected as hotword.
    so i dont recommend to use ‘pauseOnYoutube:false’, because output from youtube often be caught as hotword.
    In real AI speakers, they solve this issue with arrayed far-away speakers. it could distinguish near “speaker-output” and far “user-spoken”, but we don’t have.

  • i always have to mute the mirror (or TV) when audio is playing, even with my true Echo.

  • @sdetweil I am very jealous!! I have being working on this module for weeks now. I have finally got to this stage…
    I get Chimes when MM first start up.
    Its just now I can’t get to prove that my mic is working or get Assistant to output any sound or answer/recognise any voice commands. Clearly you got to this stage. What would you advise my next actions be please?
    Sounds like youre doing a great job anyway. Would love to see it.

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