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Hidden modules still playing in the background

  • I want to have a live stream play automatically on YouTube for a couple of hours in the morning. I have everything looking right by using MMM-ModuleScheduler and MMM-EmbedYoutube. The problem is that the stream keeps playing in the background even when not displaying (i.e. it’s simply hidden by the scheduler). Anyone have any ideas how to pause or stop modules, or even swap config.js files based on the time of day?

  • @ronafios you will have to change the MMM-EmbedYoutube module to stop playing on suspend(), and maybe resume on resume()

  • Sounds right - any thoughts how?

  • @ronafios edit the file MMM-EmbedYoutube.js, add routine for

    suspend: function(){
      // add specifics here
    resume: function(){
      // add specifics here

    I don’t know how the module works… so, you will have to learn that to update…

    if u fork the original repo, then clone that, you will be able to push your changes back to github and submit a pull request back to the MMM-EmbedYoutube author to enable this capability for others

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