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How to create a working config. For absolute beginners.

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    How to create a working config. For absolute beginners.

    I’m going to walk you through this. Why? Well, someone always helped me when I was new.
    What better way to repay them? By helping others, that’s how.

    This is ALL in the installation tutorial.

    Yes, it is, BUT, this can be overwhelming for someone completely new to programming.
    I know, I was an absolute beginner 7 months ago. I needed help, too. I still do.
    I’m writing this guide so that you benefit from the kindness that was shown to me.

    My mirror says, “Please create a config file.”

    So you just installed MagicMirror and you launched it for the first time and you
    were presented with the dreaded, yellow, “Please create a config file” error message.
    Don’t panic! I did. You’ll be up and running in no time. I promise. Follow me.

    Editing in the terminal scares the $h!t out of me.

    Yeah, me too! So let’s do it another way. An easier way. A way we’re used to.

    Creating a working config in the GUI.

    We don’t need no stinking terminal! We’re going to navigate through this just like
    we would on a PC or a Mac desktop. We all know how to point and click with a mouse.

    STFU Mykle, and tell me already!

    Fine! Here it is.

    • Go to your Pi’s desktop

    • Click on File Manager (Top menu bar, 3rd from the left, in Raspbian Jessie)


    • Double click the MagicMirror folder

    • Double click the config folder

    • Right click the config.js.sample file - select Copy

    • Right click again somewhere else in that same window - select Paste

    • Rename the file you just pasted to config.js and click the Rename button

    • The new config.js file that you just pasted is now your working config file for MagicMirror

    You did it!

    Your mirror will run now!

    Open that pesky terminal

    • Open a new terminal and type cd MagicMirror and press your Enter key.

    • Now you’re in the ~/MagicMirror $ directory.

    • Type npm start and press your Enter key to launch MagicMirror.

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