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  • RE: Rasberry Replacement

    Hello everyone. I would like to tell you that I just migrate from Rasberry pi 3B+ to Rasberry pi 4B 4GB. I just want to tell you that It worked perfectly by just instering the SD from the old pi. The only thing I had to do Is to configure the audio output bacause I use hdmi to transfer audio. Everything else worked as a charm. OS, MM, GA, leds everything. I made this update in case someone else is thinking if it is possible. Well IT IS!!!

    posted in Hardware
  • RE: MMM-Selfieshot

    MMM-Selfieshot has been updated.

    • Thanks to @bugsounet, the module will send the notification SELFIE_START when the countdown begins.
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  • RE: BME280 sensor with esp 8266


    i integrated some examples into my MMM-Temperature module (GitHub). There are serveral ones using an BME280 sensor connected to an ESP8266 or ESP32 sending the data either via plain TCP or MQTT.

    posted in Utilities
  • RE: Rasberry Replacement

    @sdetweil Then you are a savior too. Thank you so much. I will do it ASAP.

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  • RE: Rasberry Replacement

    @sdetweil I start building it at June. So it is only 4 months old. You think it will be just fine with the old SD and the OS it is already installed on it? If so it will be savior for me. I want to avoid all modules reinstall and especialy creating new project on google for Google Assistant.

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  • Rasberry Replacement

    Hello everyone. I hope my question is not too much silly. I want to replace my rpi3 with an rpi4 which I will buy soon. My question is if I must reinstall everything to the new one or just by inserting the old pi’s SD card to the new one can do the job? Or is there another way to have everything as working now from rpi3 to rpi 4? Thank you in advance.

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  • RE: MMM-MyScoreboard

    Sorry folks that I haven’t been around to fix this. There URL for the ticker changed for the SportsNet provider. I’ll be publishing a fix in the cominn g days, but if you want to address it now, make a change in the file providers/SNET.js.

    Change line #122 from

        var url = "" + this.gameDate.format("YYYY-MM-DD");


       var url = "" + this.gameDate.format("YYYY-MM-DD");

    This should get you back up and running until I publish the official fix.

    • Jeff
    posted in Sport
  • RE: MMM-MQTTbridge

    @Cr4z33 Hi, I am working on a module which will be called MMM-ValuesByNotification ( and will perfectly fit your needs.
    If the payload of the notification is a valid json string the values can be selected with the JsonPath syntax.

    If needed the values can be reformatted.

    I am using it to display the temperature and humidity of different sensors in my house and the level of my watertank.


    The module is functional already but not documented yet. The configuration can be a little bit tricky but I am planning to add a lot of examples to the readme in the next weeks.

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  • RE: MMM-Selfieshot

    MMM-Selfieshot has been updated.

    • The rotateCountdown parameter will allow you to rotate just the countdown and “shoot message”.
    • The rotatePreview parameter will allow you to rotate just the display of the selfie.
    • The rotation parameter has been removed.
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  • RE: noseguy on MagicMirror? .... maybe?

    I’ve just found that the command to make noseguy appear is


    So, any idea of any module to launch this command and integrates in MM?

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