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MMM-BMWConnected (BMW Connected Drive data)

  • Description:

    Day two of knowing Magic Mirror was a thing. I built something for my car. If you have a BMW with active BMW Connected Drive service, you can use this module to show:

    • lock status
    • charging/unplugged
    • battery charge
    • total miles driven
    • electric only range (miles)
    • fuel range (miles)
    • last time the Connected Drive portal received data from the car

    It also downloads the image of the car itself from the BMW API, so I would be really interested to see someone else running it, to see if that works for anything other than the i8. If you do, send me pics at




    Version 1

    • Initial release

  • Hi, Greetings from South Africa, i have tried the module but it only shows as loading. I followed your instructions for powershell and i get some data for my car. Could you please point me in the right direction so that it works on MagicMirror? i used the … apiBase and i get the vehicle data

  • @hdurdle This is cool, the picture is correct, but icons. (I live in Taiwan)
    Could you help? what should I do to fix icon links? thank you very much.

  • I found an error in css "faIcon.classList.add(“fas”); – that’s why no icon show up.
    and NaN Km – my car it’s not hybrid…

    @hdurdle does BMW API has “Current location” feature? thanks.


  • @iMAGiC hi yes it does have longitude and latitude values. Download the powershell scripts and play around with them to see what values are available. I have changed mine to remove electric vehicle specific parameters and added things like fuel remaining, window/sunroof status and also the vehicle pictures that change after a set time.

  • @hdurdle: Hi Howard, pretty cool module!

    Can it be tweaked to work for Mini vehicles as well? I do have access to a connected service for my car using:

    Thanks in advance!

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