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Flick Hat, Skywriter, IR, HC-SR04, or other Gesture Controllers that work out of the box(ish).

  • I’ve been reading through the forums here for the past few days. I cannot get a consensus whether either of these work with myriad MMM-gesture modules available for my RasPi 3B+ without requiring an Arduino or PC such as is required with the Leap Motion.

    I have found posts regarding the Flick Hat, Flick Large, and Skywriter hat, maybe a camera?, and the MMM-Swipe module that uses two 2 HC-SR04 ultrasonic sensors, and perhaps the Grove Gesture. Which seems to work best at this time? As it stands right now, the Flick Large seems to be the best candidate.

    We’d need swipe left, right, up, down and some mouse-like touch capability would be an added bonus. We’d need the gesture board against the wall below the magic mirror so which one allows for a ribbon cable connection to the raspi which will be mounted behind the mirror?

    I can’t seem to determine whether these worked without requiring much technical insight which I don’t possess. I don’t have much programming experience at all and consider myself a novice.

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