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Resize frame of monitor screen to fit mirror dimensions

  • The size of monitor screen is slightly larger than the frame of my mirror, this means that part of the text is cut off by the frame. Is there a way (other than just zooming in or out) that I can shrink the display size? Or have it only run on part of the screen?

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    @Jacob66 Adjust the margin in css

    body {
      margin: 100px;
      height: calc(100% - 200px);
      width: calc(100% - 200px);

    Add that to your custom.css file

    when you adjust the margin remember to remove double that on the height and width.

  • I think the RPi itself can also draw a ‘black frame’. Search for the term “overlay”. It is a setting in the /boot/config.txt of RPi sdcard.

    But probably the css modification above is more elegant…

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