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Calendar Module - show one calendar for this week and one for next week

  • Hello dear community,
    I’d like two see the entries in my calendar for the next 14 days.
    I’d like to show two calendars (or one with the next 14 days). Is there a way this is possible ?
    I looked it up on GitHub and maybe the property maximumNumberofDays could help ? Anybody got experiences with that?

    Thanks in Advance for any help!

    PS: And is there an option that the calender doesn’t start with the actual day ? I’d like it to show monday at first day on every day.



  • Thanks for the answer. No, I haven’t tried this module until now.
    Thanks for the suggestion, it looks fitted.
    The problem is I can’t find my config.json file. In my folder “pi” is no folder “MagicMirror”.
    I just find config.js in the pi folder and config.txt in the boot folder.

    Cloning my module into the modules folder shouldn’t be the problem but without the config.json file it can’t be executed right ?
    I’m scared of losing all my integrated modules by changing or adding a new config.json file somewhere…
    But thanks a lot for your advice, I’ll try to get this module to work in a safe way!

  • @Janosch
    I am a newbie and I just use the config.js file in my MM-folder.

  • @Janosch it’s /home/???/MagicMirror/config/config.js

    ??? Is the username

    The module doc doesn’t reference config.json

    That is used by the smart-mirror app, which is different, and doesn’t use any of these modules.

  • 0_1563347065965_Smart Mirror putty.jpg
    this exactly is my problem, see when I go to pi (my username) there is no such directory… only this config.js. Can i just create the folder ?

  • @Janosch install creates a MagicMirror folder. I don’t see that…

    Even manual install, using git clone, will create that folder.

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