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Help with a Proof of Concept

  • Is there a place to post a bounty or request for help? It’s a long story but I need help demonstrating MM for an Innovation Concept. We are a non-profit setting up in a new office and we have mounted iPads (powered by POE enclosures) outside each office. We’d love to show our personal info (picture, contact info, QR Code with Contact Card), iCloud or Google Calendar for the day, etc on a well designed landscape display. Jane and such is priced out for us.

    Anyone got any ideas?

    Thank You!


  • Module Developer

    Very interesting, However your office probably have a plenty of money to use ipad just for showing such a simple presentation. 😃

    To say simple, I recommend you to build a simple web site.(simple PC level APM server of intranet or small web hosting would be enough enough).
    And for presentation, use cheaper LCD panel(7" original lcd for RPI would be enough) with cheaper RPI2/3 (with Wifi feature would be better to avoid annoying cable works). Assemble them in an eclosure.
    If you have not need complex feature, MagicMirror could be a solution. Only needed thing would be a new module to show your information of members (I don’t know how it be displayed, just slideshow?)
    But if you need more complex features, Hmmm… somebody has to develop what you want.

  • @Sean

    The HW and networking part is all done. They’re mounted and able to access a website and I can point them to a central Docker web server already.

    I was thinking, can I containerize each persons display and just customize each container to display their info?

    iPad was a decision because we had a lot of older Air models ready or replacement, plus we’re a non-profit supporting iPads for education. So it “looks the part.”

    I guess my biggest issue is creating CSS that looks good landscape. I’m not very creative.

  • Module Developer

    Well, iPad is not so good device to run MM standalone. atm, as far as I know, there is no way to run MM on ios device itself. A linux(or at least nodejs enabled)server is needed to run as serveronly mode, and iPads would be clients to display MM contents with fullscreen mode safari

    Pretty CSS is a matter of relativeness, But always simple is better.

  • Module Developer

    Describe me more details how info should be shown. Some sketch on the paper might be helpful.

    • Might an iPad be dedicated to each person? Tom’s iPad be only for Tom?
    • What should be displayed on iPad? and When?

  • @allebone yes, run unique docker instances for each person.

    Port 8080 for Sue
    8081 for Bob
    8082 for Ted

    The internal mm config is the same, port 8080.

    Just different modules and config for each.

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