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  • Hey,

    I am just setting up my MM at the first time. The email addon has been working for a while.
    Since today the addon just reports “loading”. It does not matter which email account I use, the loading banner stays there forever. Any ideas?


  • Now i reinstalled the email module and the MM stays black, until I remove the module from the config.js at all.

  • I reverted to a backup of my MM.
    I figured the out the following. The email module works as expected until I install the MMM-GoogleMapsTraffic. In case both the email and the GoogleMaps module are configured in the config.js the email module seems to stop working or hang at “loading”.

  • @andyyy open the developers console (using keyboard its ctrl-shift-i) (or npm start dev)…
    select the tab labeled console in that window, and then scroll up to find any errors (usually red text)

    the ‘loading’ is hard coded text the module displays until the api returns data and the info is updated…
    so the api didn’t work
    which should show in the console view

  • Does this help? It was printed out in red:

    Uncaught TypeError: console.log is not a function
    at Class.socketNotificationReceived (:8080/modules/email//email.js:34)
    at module.js:246
    at r. (socketclient.js:25)
    at r.emit (index.js:83)
    at r.onevent (index.js:83)
    at r.MMSocket.self.socket.onevent (socketclient.js:19)
    at r.onpacket (index.js:83)
    at r. (index.js:83)
    at r.emit (index.js:83)
    at r.ondecoded (index.js:83)

  • @andyyy said in Email-Mirror:



    edit the email.js file in modules/email

    and change line 34 from console.log(…), to Log.log(…)

    then restart MagicMirror

  • Seems to work. What was/is the issue?

  • @andyyy developer coded it wrong.

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