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Microsoft To Do List Module Request (Similar to Wunderlist or Todoist)

  • Any programmers out there who would find this module useful?
    Currently using a Wunderlist module which is useful but it does tend to stop working after some time and MM needs restarting to get it going again.

    I find this module really useful for sending multiple reminders to my mirror on the fly.

    Unfortunately for me I don’t know much about programming, only very few basics.

  • @joela85 I created a new module for Microsoft To Do at The migration from Wunderlist to Microsoft To Do was quite seamless.

    Could you please test it and provide me some feedback? Thanks!

  • hi,

    great news! i switched from wunderlist to microsoft to do and was missing a module for the magic mirror. i will test it the next days and report.

  • hi,

    because I was very curious, I took some time and tested. i followed step by step but i can’t see any items of my list.

    i entered my details (clientsecret, refreshtoken, clientid and list id) in config/config.js. after starting magic mirror i get only an empty list with. It shows only the list name i entered in config.js

    …is there any way to debug this?

  • I am having the exact issue as mhk . I went over my steps twice and couldn’t figure out what I did wrong.
    @thobach is there a way to port the into the Micorosft To Do?

    Thank you

  • I am on this as well.

    ETA: I have been watching for API access for myday - that’s the list I am most interested in displaying

  • I have a personal and a work todo account, after adding the

    electronOptions: {
        webPreferences: {
            webSecurity: false

    below the modules section of the config.js my personal todo list came up. I am going to check the work module see if I made a mistake but I am happy to see this.

    Thanks thobach!

  • I will give this a go soon, although I’m not really getting on with Microsoft To Do. It’s nowhere as good as Wunderlist. Anyone got any other suggestions for good To Do apps?

  • @joela85
    I love anydo. That works fine for me and is one of the best apps in my opinion. Unfortunately, I can’t get the right module up and running.

  • @joela85 I went to the Wunderlist site to have a look and noticed it’s basically offline because the entire staff is now working on MS Todo. Do you see the Wunderlist team getting MS Todo anywhere near what you liked about Wunderlist?

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