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Magic Mirror for monitoring temperature, humidity and employee attendance in a factory (with Amazon Alexa)

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    Hi everyone,
    My name is Sebastian and I would like to present my Magic Mirror project which was used in my dissertation presented at the end of postgraduate course.
    I’m a chemist, but I decided that I should move on to another domain so I joined a postgraduate program which initiated me in the IT.
    I’m working at a cosmetics producer company and I thought that we should automatize the reading of the temperature and humidity instead of doing that manually. I installed 4 NodeMCU boards coupled with DHT11 and DHT22 sensors along with another NodeMCU board with an RFID sensor.
    The boards are sending the measurements with a http request to an Elastic Beanstalk PHP instance (AWS) which is saving the data to MySQL (AWS RDS). The information stored in the cloud can be read via a custom made Alexa skill which is parsing the JSONs generated by the PHP app, also can be checked accessing a webpage which displays the history of the measurements graphically and can be viewed on the Magic Mirror which is using the MMM-MysqlQuery module (cloned for every query)


    The employee tracking application was incorporated as proof-of-concept and was made by a third party - to prove that the project can be enlarged by incorporating external projects.

    0_1569227684258_php api.png

    Now, the mirror:
    The unfinished mirror was made by carpenter.

    1_1569228425345_IMG_20180901_182034.jpg 0_1569228425344_IMG_20180901_181943.jpg

    To save on the production cost I outsourced the finishing too to a reliable person to make the box looks professional (my 3 years old):

    2_1569228499999_IMG_20180901_184213.jpg 1_1569228499998_IMG_20180901_183733.jpg 0_1569228499998_IMG_20180901_182558.jpg

    I placed a 20 inch monitor inside the frame and painted the metallic sides with black, because every white or lightly colored item is visible from the outside.

    3_1569228577474_IMG_20180910_142734.jpg 2_1569228577474_IMG_20180903_133233.jpg 1_1569228577474_IMG_20180903_132108.jpg 0_1569228577473_IMG_20180903_093813.jpg

    I used black cardboard to cover the bare parts of the glass from inside. The monitor is emitting light which is visible from the outside. The speaker was moved out and I used webcam instead of the microphone.!
    2_1569228676000_IMG_20181005_193927.jpg 1_1569228675999_IMG_20181005_193916.jpg 0_1569228675999_IMG_20181005_193906.jpg

    After that I asked my sister to test the mirror. It works.
    3_1569228707858_IMG_20190914_095649.jpg 2_1569228707858_IMG_20190914_095642.jpg 1_1569228707857_IMG_20190824_182152.jpg 0_1569228707857_IMG_20190824_182040.jpg

    Since we are cosmetic company we can place the mirror near the meeting room and it could be an exceptional conversation start or we can use it in the warehouse displaying the temperature and humidity directly and the pending tasks for the warehouse staff.
    The temperature sensor are working like a charm.

    1_1569228866740_IMG_20190907_172040.jpg 0_1569228866740_IMG_20190712_134734.jpg
    The temperature data recorded by the DHT22 is comparable to the high end (offline) temperature sensors. I measured the data for 3 days and the measurements were similar.
    The DHT11 is not so perfect and I had to change them to DHT22.

    You can find the whole sourcecode on my github page.
    Thank You for the MM community and the module maintainers for all their great work!
    This is me, heavily and poorly photoshopped:


  • very cool… thanks for the great detail!

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