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Looking for someone to create a smart mirror (Israel)

  • Hey guys,
    My boss asked me to find someone to create a smart mirror for him.
    He has Raspberry pi but needs someone to install the magicmirror on it and teach him how to use and configure it.
    Not for free, of course 🙂
    He lives in Israel (city Petah Tikva). Is there anyone here who would be able to do this?


  • hey, dude i can do the work, i have a MM, my number 504 98674031 whatsapp

  • What does he want, exactly?
    Just the basic configuration of adding a clock, weather, calendar/ default modules, or does he have any specifics in mind?
    I built my mirror not too long ago, but have been wanting to build another…
    I reside in the U.S. by the way…

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