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A module that can check in and check out people

  • Don’t know if this is the right place, or it exist.

    So at the school i have been going to have to check in the students when they arrive, and out when they leave (I guess that’s normal somewhere), but the students has to do it themself on a paper, and then the teacher has to put it into the computer. I have talked to the teachers about making it automated. They approve much.

    So i have been using MMM-Face-Reco-DNN, and was wondering if it would be possible to that and some sort of button or ultrasonic sensor? The idea is that when a Student is in front of the mirror, and is face recognized, then the student push a button or has a hand in front of the ultrasonic sensor, then the mirror will Check the person in with a timestamp of day and time. Check out the second time the student does it (automatically checked out at midnight). The module will collect the data every week, and then send it to a teachers pc or mail (prefered in a format like excel"
    Something like this:

        Name: "Alex Jensen"
        Check-in Monday: "08:10"
        Check-out Monday: "15:15"
        Check-in Tuesday: "08:07"
        Check-out Tuesday: "15:14"
        Name: "Niels Madsen"
        Check-in Monday: "08:01"
        Check-out Monday: "15:14"
        Check-in Tuesday: "08:05"
        Check-out Tuesday: "15:16"

    Will that be possible to do?

  • @Blauenfeldt yes, it is possible. But does not exist today. Someone will have to write more code to get all those features

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