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  • Hi all,
    Found MM and think it’s the bee’s knees… Have not been able to stopping thinking about how to use it 🙂

    Looked at some of the bin collections modules and they are brilliant but I didn’t want to use CSV files. So I came up with a way to reuse the calendar module. Create a bin collection calendar in Google Calendar and then adding recurring entries for collections, for me it’s every two weeks on a Monday:
    Moved any individual dates that clashed with Public Holidays (Easter Monday) etc and then added a new entry in config.js

    		module: "calendar",
    		header: "Bin Collection",
    		position: "bottom_left",
    		config: {
    			maximumEntries: 3,  // as I only have 3 bins
    			fetchInterval: 3600000, // update every hour
    			timeFormat: "dateheaders",  // group by date
    			maximumNumberOfDays: 14,  // it's a two week cycle for me
    			fade: false,  // no fade please
    			calendars: [
    					symbol: "trash", // trash icon :)
    					url: "webcal://" // update this to point to your bin calendar

    and now the below is exactly what I need:


    Hope this is of use to someone 🙂

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