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How to configure MMM-Buttons to start/stop MMM-Podcast2

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    Hi there!
    I’ve been lurking here for quite some time and found many helpful hints, while I’m building my first MagicMirror. Thanks for that to all!

    What do I want to accomplish?
    I have following modules installed, which all run without problems:

    • MMM-Remote-Control
    • MMM-Podcast2 (which starts the “tagesschau in 100 min.” video stream
    • MMM-PIR-Sensor (to switch my monitor on and off)

    Currently, I can start/stop the video stream when I enter http://myIP:8080/remote?action=NOTIFICATION¬ification=BUTTON_PRESSED in a browser.

    Now I want to accomplish following user stories:
    Story 1:
    Press shortly a physical push-button on pin 27 to start/stop the video stream.
    This button is also a combined restart/shutdown button.
    Press > 2 sec --> Reboot
    Press > 5 sec --> Shutdown
    I am using this simple service.
    Now I want to use the same button to start/stop the video stream, when I push it for less than 2 secs.

    Story 2:
    When the PIR sensor detects motion and switches on the monitor, the video stream should start, too. Stopinfg the video by pressing shortly the physical push-button (see Story 1)

    I’ve installed MMM-Buttons, but I can’t find the right configuration of the MMM-Buttons module to at least start/stop the video.
    What is the correct payload and notification I have to use?

    I hope that some could give the hint into the right direction.

    Thanks in advance,

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    Alright, I found the solution myself, at least how to trigger play/stop with a push-button:

    1. I wasn’t aware that connecting GND and a GPIO Pin like BCM 27 will not trigger reliably anything as the status is floating, Thus a pull-down resistor is required to get a defined high status. Check this really comprehensive write-up:
      link text.
      So I added a resistor as gescribed, e.g. here:
      in chapter 4.2.

    2. Then I configures the MMM-Buttons module that way:

    	module: 'MMM-Buttons',
    		config: {
     		buttons: [
      		pin: 27,
     		name: "podcast",
    		shortPress: {
    		notification: "BUTTON_PRESSED",

    That’s it!

    When I now push the button the video stream start shortly after playing, and when I push again, it stops.

    The one thing I’m still trying to accomplish is that the PIR-sensor (AM312) on pin 4 triggers the video to start.

    I home this helps some of you, when you come by.


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