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PIR installation advise

  • Hello,

    I planned to print my MM frame next week but I would like to be sure the opening I’ve made for my PIR detection is ok for the detection. Based on my CAD section view, do you think the hole is ok for the detection (PIR is blu) ?
    I’m afraid that the detection is always effective if the detection’s ray is not right in front…

    Do you have an advise ?


  • Project Sponsor

    @Oxyd It looks like you want to use an SR501 sensor. Maybe you take a look for a AM312 sensor which is smaller and might fit into the whole.

  • Thank you, your proposition help me to find a video that compares the two sensor. It help me to better understand how they work, and I understand that they detect a movement, so the detection that pass through a hole may be ok, thanks

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