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Hebrew translations

  • Hi Guys,

    I’m trying to translate my mirror project to Hebrew.
    I’ve created a he.json file in the Translation folder but the text in Hebrew is not displaying correctly… I see some signs like ??? etc’

    I think that it because of a encoding issue… I don’t know which encoding should I use… UTF? Windows-iso? etc’

    In addition I found that the mirror found a word which I haven’t translated at all and it was converted to Hebrew… the word is days = ימים.

    Here’s my he.json (I haven’t translate it all just the main words):

    “LOADING”: “טוען …”,

    "TODAY": "היום",
    "TOMORROW": "מחר",
    "DAYAFTERTOMORROW": "מחרתיים",
    "RUNNING": "מסתיים ב",
    "EMPTY": "אין אירועים להציג",
    "WEEK": "שבוע {weekNumber}",
    "N": "N",
    "NNE": "NNE",
    "NE": "NE",
    "ENE": "ENE",
    "E": "E",
    "ESE": "ESE",
    "SE": "SE",
    "SSE": "SSE",
    "S": "S",
    "SSW": "SSW",
    "SW": "SW",
    "WSW": "WSW",
    "W": "W",
    "WNW": "WNW",
    "NW": "NW",
    "NNW": "NNW",
    "UPDATE_NOTIFICATION": "MagicMirrorֲ² update available.",
    "UPDATE_NOTIFICATION_MODULE": "Update available for {MODULE_NAME} module.",
    "UPDATE_INFO_SINGLE": "The current installation is {COMMIT_COUNT} commit behind on the {BRANCH_NAME} branch.",
    "UPDATE_INFO_MULTIPLE": "The current installation is {COMMIT_COUNT} commits behind on the {BRANCH_NAME} branch.",
    "FEELS": "מרגיש כמו",
    "PRECIP": "PoP"


    In addition, is there a way to translate 3rd party modules?

    Hope you will be able to help me out.

  • Hi
    Did you manage to fix this and translate correctly?

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