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Is this setup possible?

  • Hi everybody 🙂

    I have an old Pi 2 lying around and I’m thinking of building some sort of smart display coupled with a media centre. I’ve read through the forum and got an idea of which modules I want and how the display could look like. However, as I’m new to MagicMirror, I’d like to hear your opinions and suggestion on my ideas to see if it’s possible.

    In an ideal world, the setup would be capable of following things:

    • show MagicMirror on my TV as a default (automatically start in the morning (CEC available), display MM using remote control or smartphone, sleep automatically after X minutes)
    • possibility to play music on speakers attached to the Pi from an external hd, controlled via smartphone (I don’t need Spotify or any other streaming source)
    • possibility to play videos on my TV from an external hd or online (youtube, TedTalks, …). Integrated into MM or in an separate application. Controllable via TV remote and/or smartphone.

    There is no need to have these 3 thing run parallel. I won’t need MM when playing music or Kodi and vice versa.

    Currently this is my idea:

    • have MagicMirror running on Raspian
    • have a Mopidy music server running in the background (can be controlled via smartphone)
    • install Kodi and switch to it when I want to watch videos (can be controlled via smartphone and TV remote)

    I am wondering if my Pi can handle all this or if I need a newer model?
    Is it possible to play music on the speakers (TV off) while have the videos & sound on the TV?
    How would I switch from MM to Kodi? Could I control Kodi and MM with the TV remote? Are there modules to handle this (I’m thinking of Alt-Tab application switching…)?
    Should I run MM in a server/kiosk mode (display in browser) or with a regular installation?

    Sorry for asking so many noob questions 😉 Any help is greatly appreciated 🙂


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