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facial recognition

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    I have been looking for several days for a tutorial to activate facial recognition on my MM, someone have a good link?

    thanks in advance

  • @ELMAGO said in facial recognition:

    activate facial recognition on my MM

    Using daily laptop camera to improve your website protection with facial recognition. Authenticate the identities of your website users.

    1. For face recognition, use a very high threshold. This means that you have 100% faith in your neural network that it is the same human.

    2. More than face recognition, they us the IP address, specific hardware codes and sometimes PIN codes are also tested.

    3. Anti spoof control is used. It means that he is the real person in front of the camera, therefore a video can not be used to access the account.

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    @ELMAGO a few weeks ago I tinkered around with MMM-FaceReco-DNN, there are a few very good links to great sources regarding facial recognition on a RPi. But be aware or the fact that facial recognition is a very resource hungry job and may push a RPi to the limits.

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    Thank you both for your answers.

    It’s really a great forum!

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