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MMM-GroveGesture to control MMM-Carousel & MMM-CECControl

  • Hi All, new to this whole thing and I’ve muddled my way towards a nice little selection of modules on my MM2. My plan is to run it on a 40" LED behind a full height mirror in the hallway.

    I think I’ve reached my limit from a technical standpoint so was wondering if anyone could tell me how to control MMM-Carousel and MMM-CECControl from MMM-GroveGestures?

    1. Currently Carousel works on a timed loop and I can’t seem to figure out a way to fire a change slide command.

    2. In MMM-CECControl I can’t see how to send the ON / OFF command, let alone trigger it in GroveGesture.

    Ideally I want to do

    • Up - TV On
    • Down - TV Off
    • Clockwise - Next slide
    • Anti-clockwise - Previous Slide

    I might mess around with combinations like UP UP to display the Wifi Password, but I’m sure once I figure out the above I’ll be sorted.

    Can anyone lend an assist?

  • @nischi , @barnabycolby apologies if this is a netiquette faux pas to tag you in as the authors of the modules. I’m still not sure what’s acceptable practice on forums

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