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    Module: MMM-CloneWarsQuotes

    The MMM-CloneWarsQuotes module displays a random intro quote from The Clone Wars television series, seasons 1-6.


    • MMM-CloneWarsQuotes Screenshot

    Using the module

    To use this module, add it to the modules array in the config/config.js file:

    modules: [
    		module: "MMM-CloneWarsQuotes",
    		position: "middle_center",	// This can be any of the regions.
    						// Best results in the middle regions: upper_third, middle_center, or lower_third
    		config: {
    			// The config property is optional.
    			// If no config is set, the default quotes are shown.
    			// See 'Configuration options' for more information.

    Configuration options

    The following properties can be configured:

    Option Description
    quotes The array of quotes. The remoteFile property must be null to use this property.

    Possible values: An array of quote strings: See Quotes Configuration below.
    Default value: [].
    remoteFile External file from which to load the quotes

    Possible values: Path or URL (starting with http:// or https://) to a JSON file containing an array of quotes, configured as per the External Quotes File (see below). Set to null to use the quotes config array.
    Default value: MMM-CloneWarsQuotes.json
    classes Override the CSS classes of the div showing the quotes

    Default value: light blue medium large
    updateInterval How often does the quote have to change? (Milliseconds)

    Possible values: 1000 - 86400000
    Default value: 27000 (27 seconds)
    fadeSpeed Speed of the update animation. (Milliseconds)

    Possible values:0 - 5000
    Default value: 4000 (4 seconds)
    random Randomize the quotes

    Possible values:true / false
    Default value: true

    Quote Configuration

    The quotes property contains an array of strings. The array contains one or multiple quotes.

    Default configuration:

    config: {
    	quotes: [],
    	remoteFile: 'MMM-CloneWarsQuotes.json',
    	classes: 'light blue medium large',
    	updateInterval: 27000,
    	fadeSpeed: 4000,
    	random: true

    External Quotes File

    You may specify an external file that contains the quotes arrays. This is particularly useful if you have a large number of quotes and do not wish to crowd your config.js file with a large array of quotes. Adding the remoteFile variable will override an array you specify in the configuration file. Set to null to use the quotes config array.

    This file must be straight JSON.

    Example quotes.json file:

    	"Great leaders inspire greatness in others.",
    	"Belief is not a matter of choice, but conviction.",
    	"Easy is the path to wisdom for those who are not blinded by themselves.",

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