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Mirror goes blank after 10 minutes...

  • Hey guys, I have followed the steps in “Configuring the Raspberry Pi” but my screensaver still seems to be on. I also checked my monitor and turned off all energy-saving settings so I am sure that the Pi is the issue. Any ideas? Thanks guys!

  • Have the exact same issue? Have you found a solution yet??

  • Ok, I did find a solution on a different forum in the interweb that did work. I post it here, so that if someone else is looking for the same thing, try the following:

    Before we start, I did this on a raspberry pi 3, there are a lot of solutions, but most of them don’t work on the pi3.

    To prevent the pi from going black, I used a little porgam thats called set.

    apt-get install x11-xserver-utils

    No you have to open the file: /etc/xdg/lxsession/LXDE/autostart,.

    Put the following stuff in it:

    xset s off # don't activate screensaver
    xset -dpms # disable Energy Star features
    xset s noblank # don't blank the video device

    Possibly also comment out the line that says @xscreensaver -no-splash, so the file should now look like this:

    @lxpanel --profile LXDE
    @pcmanfm --desktop --profile LXDE
    # @xscreensaver -no-splash
    xset s off 
    xset -dpms 
    xset s noblank

    As well make sure you did the stuff from the wiki in the /etc/kbd/config. In this file the following values should be set to the following:


    After you did all this, /reboot the pi.

    this worked for me… 🙂

    cheers, Flo