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How to connect IR Touch Frame?

  • Re: The 32" Inch Mirror

    Hello everyone,

    I’ve been searching for a few hours on how to make a touch screen mirror but I got a lot of old posts from the search engine. Nonetheless, i’ve been reading all of them.

    The one that most usefull was this one i refereced above. The guy used a 32 TV with a IR Touch Frame (he’s not using it as a mirror, but ok).

    My question is, what is the usual interface of these IR Touch Frame with the raspberry pi? USB Connection?

    If so, the only thing I have to do is: get the touch frame, “install” it on my screen, plug the touch frame USB on the Pi, plug the Screen’s HDMI on the PI, install modules that are “touch screen capable” and that’s it?

    I’m having trouble understing the interface between the Touch Frame and the mirror… that’s only a USB cable from the frame to the pi? After pluging it on the PI, when I touch the frame the pi “execute” the commands on the mirror?

    (sorry if this is a repeated post on how to turn the mirror to touch screen… but the results I got from the search menu was all old and not very much explanatory. If you guys have a link to other post that answers the question, please just post the link and i’ll take it from there)

    Thanks in advance!

  • Yes, the normal interface is just a USB connection. You can think of it like turning your screen into a tablet: you can tap on an icon, you can drag your finger(s) like you are drawing, etc… Depending on the orientation you want your monitor to be in you may need to rotate the controls via config file.

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