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I did it !

  • Hi everybody, I follow the magicmirror project for a few years now, and I finally decided to build my own. Well, to build a proper one, I already had one, but it was really (really,really) ugly…

    I’m not a maker nor a coder, but I tried to do something nice, and think I did it (well I’m satisfied, and that’s the most important isn’t it ?)

    I used an old 19" screen, and build a 120cm high mirror, for 26cm large (without the frame, with the frame it’s 140cmX45cm). The frame is made with pinewood, painted with wenge wood stain.

    I didn’t take picture while I was making it. I’m sorry for that. I first used a plexi spy mirror, and it was a terrible idea : bad reflection, image distortion… worst money wasting ever !

    I received this week a proper glass and finished the mirror this morning.

    No more writing, here are the pics !

    I tried to be a little original with the webdesign, I’m not an expert with CSS but thanks to some users here, and the mozilla developper website, it was easy to do what I wanted.

    That’s it for now, and thanks to everybody who’s implied in the project !

  • joli !
    pour la police style script, t’as modif les CSS ?

  • Salut, et merci ! Les avis font toujours plaisir, surtout quand on met du temps.

    Pour répondre à ta question, j’ai fait un custom.css dans lequel j’ai mis un @font-face. Bizarrement, je n’arrive pas à faire fonctionner font-face avec les polices aux formats ttf ou otf, j’ai dû la convertir en woff à l’aide d’un convertisseur en ligne.

    La police je l’ai récupéré sur le site dafont, et pour rendre à César ce qui est à César, il s’agit de la police “Darleston”, gracieusement mis à disposition pour un usage personnel par son créateur : Youssef Habchi.

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