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MMM-BackgroundSlideshow Update

  • Hello,
    I installed the MMM-BackgroundSlideshow module from the command line

    git clone

    Everything worked very well.
    A few days ago a message appeared for the update of this module with 3 late commits on the master branch.
    I then made on command line

    git pull

    The update was not done with the following message:
    *branch HEAD -> FETCH_HEAD
    Fatal: refusal to merge unrelated histories

    I deleted the MMM-BackgroundSlideshow folder and redo the installation on the command line.

    This morning the update message came back.

    Did I make a manipulation error or is there a command to do to merge the histories.

    thank you in advance

  • @Thierry17 said in MMM-BackgroundSlideshow Update:



    cd ~/MagicMirror/modules/MMM-BackgroundSlideshow
    git pull

  • Thank you very much,
    now I have Update dc2 …
    1 file changed, 1 insert (+), 1 deletion (-).
    I think the update went well.
    To see tomorrow if I no longer have the update message.

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