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Problem with Holiday Calendar

  • I’ve been having problem with both the default calendar and MMM-CalendarExt2 and have narrowed it down to a problem with the US_Holidays.ics calendar. If I comment that calendar out everything works OK but if I leave it in, the default calendar does not load any holidays and not all my calendar events show up in MMM-CalendarExt2.

    Does anyone have a fix for both modules or an alternate source for US Holidays?

  • @EdO the us holidays calendar has started putting in an empty repeating rule, which the code can’t handle ( and I don’t think is correct, and have reported).

    See my post here for the short term fix

  • Thanks, I just saw that and followed your guidance. I was in the process of re-posting it here when your post showed up. It did fix the basic calendar, but didn’t fix the problem with MMM-CalendarExt2 where it is one of three calendars I used to display a monthly calendar, mine, my wife’s and the holidays. The result is only my calendar is displayed and no holidays or my wife’s events. However, if I comment the holiday calendar out, both my calendar and my wife’s displays fine. I suspect the empty repeating rule messes up MMM-CalendarExt2.

  • Module Developer

    calext2’s week/month view will load limited number of events for performance. default might be 100(recently i raised up to 1000 with new updates)
    if there be too many old events(usually happens by repeating rules), loading quota will be exhausted before handling nowadays events.

    solutions: one of belows;

    • set ‘maxItems’ of view to enough
    • filter/sort events for view by your purpose and priority
    • clean your old calendar

  • @Sean said in Problem with Holiday Calendar:

    clean your old calendar

    the US calendar from caledarLabs is now presenting both 2019 and 2020 cal events for all holidays. as unique events without repeating rule
    we cannot ‘clean it’…

  • Module Developer

    I’m just saying general ways. 🙂

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