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  • @chimera said in MMM-MQTTbridge:

    eg: swimming pool temperature, only updates if it changes, garden sprinkler last run, only updates when it’s run, etc

    As far as I understood you, you need to issue some NOTI during the MM/Module startup, right?
    How would be the best option to do that? One possible solution is to have a file with the list of topics (e.g. “swimmingpool/temp/status”, “gardenspirnkler/run/status”) to which MQTTbrdige will send the mqtt-messages at startup.
    Will this solve your problem with the integration of MM to your smart home?

  • @oberpiller said in MMM-MQTTbridge:

    Is it possible to get variables (from “arrays”) into the mqttMsgPayload variable of NotiDictionary.js?

    nope. I will think about it.
    should it work somehow like that:
    In notiMqtt dict should be specified whether we are using variable or not and, if yes, use it:

    var notiMqttCommands = [
        commandId: "Command 1",
        mqttTopic: "myhome/kitchen/light/set",
        useVariables: true, //added new setting to the dict to 
        mqttMsgPayload: ARTICLE_INFO_RESPONSE //if useVriables=true, put here the variable name. If useVariable=false or not stated - mqttMsgPayload will send "ARTICLE_INFO_RESPONSE" in its payload.

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  • When i publish 1 message, it’s receiving it multiple times for some reason. Do i need to be worried?

  • @shinebright should produce one note per each mqtt message, check your settings once more or try to install on clean mm setup.

  • @Serge got it thanks! i’ll give that a try. awesome module by the way, i managed to change some of your codes along with the compliments module. Now I’m sending messages from my phone to update the mirror compliments and the kids think the mirror is replying back to them. 🙂

  • @shinebright what you had changed? Could you tell soi can add it as an option for the next releases

  • Hi @Serge
    I’ve finally received the mirror itself, so now the MagicMirror is finally getting finished.
    One of the things was to update the MM itself, as well as a few modules (screencast).
    After doing that, I don’t see any mqtt status messages going out, and it doesn’t react on incoming either.
    I’ve checked the username/password, still correct, and the IP hasn’t changed either?

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  • Version 1.1 released

    Code updated with the help of community members.

    • mqtt topics introduced into mqttDictionary. This allows now:
      – Subscribe to that specific topic from the mqttDictionary.
      – now you can specify different behavior for the same payload from different topics,
      e.g. if you got the mqttPayload “20” at “kitchen/temperature” topic and at “kitchen/humiduty” topic - different Command could be executed (before module recognized only payload for all the topics subscribed);

    • Now, if notiPayload or mqttPayload are not specified within mqttDictionary or notiDictionary, the respective payload from mqtt or noti will be sent as payload for noti or mqtt.
      E.g. if MM receives the mqtt message at “kitchen/temperature” with payload “20”, and mqttDictionary does not have specified payload at all - the “20” will go as payload for issued Noti.

    • All errors of several mqtt connections disappear;

    • mqttBridgeFormatOnly - not used anymore;

    • Changed mqttDictionary according to notiDictionary. Subscription to topic only once

    Please do not forget to change the config section and mqttDictionary accroding to the new structure.

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