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Darken fonts for some modules

  • hi all, I was just wondering how I could make the font a little darker for some modules. for example, the calendar module has the actual holidays in a nice bright color but the days left until in a more dimmed color. Was wondering if I can make them the same. thanks

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    The Calendar is faded, so you can add fade: false, to the config or change the `fadepoint: 0.8’ to make it fade later on the list (0 is at the top 1 is at the bottom)

    there is also the option of adding a class to the calendar

    to apply specific css values (like font-color) to the calendar only.

    Or if you want to change ALL font-colors you change it in the .css file,
    add and change these in the custom.css after your own taste

    .dimmed {
      color: #666;
    .normal {
      color: #999;
    .bright {
      color: #fff;

  • @broberg Thanks very much!

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