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MagicMirror and BME280 sensor how to do it?

  • Hello,
    I’m using MM a while and I thinking when internet or ISP will have technical issue the MM will not work as a weather forecast. But when connected the bme280 sensor to Raspberry you can have independent from internet weather station.
    The problem is that I dont Know how to do it.
    Sensor use the i2c and truly said its very easy to connect to Raspberry.
    Using script writed in Python or use Domoticz You can see that the sensor works fine, but how to add to MM?
    Anyone can help?

  • Ok.I still fighting.
    I found a module for MM but its for caravanpiclimate and its not working.
    I installed domoticz and domoticz module and I 've got “Loading Domoticz data…”
    and still nothing happened.what I doing wrong?

  • this will take some programming, MM and integration skills… nothing simple

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