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Voice control with Raspbian Buster

  • Hello everybody,

    as i have been trying several modules both for Alexa and Google Assistant without success now:
    can anyone of you give a recommendation for a recent Voice Module on a Pi3 with Raspbian Buster?

    The intention is to control an extra OpenHAB-Server via Magicmirror.

    If not, any recommendations of a working combination of Raspbian and Voice module?
    Is it wishful thinking to have this combination even not too complicate to install and setup?
    Additional modules to be used:

    Any comments appreciated… 😉

  • I’ve had good luck with AssistantMK2. It’s well put together, constantly being updated and improved. And the developer is pretty active in the forum.

  • Dear holidayv,

    thanks for your recommendation.
    Finally i tried and quickly succeeded with installation of bugsounet’s Google Assistant, which seems to be the successor of Assistant MK2.
    Although i must admit that for “WAF-reasons”;-) i use Alexa as hotword to start GoogleAssistant.
    I guess Google will not be happy, sure they already know…!

  • @zeisolf : At the difference with a real Google Home/ Google Nest. MMM-GoogleAssistant Don’t send ANY audio information to Google in stand-by mode
    It don’t know that you use Alexa for activating because I don’t use a Google Service for activating 😉

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