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sqlite - anyone use it?

  • @bobt i don’t know

    u might be able to put in in the base, and then change your require to include the path to the ~/MagicMirror/node_modules/sqlite version

  • @bobt
    did u find a solution for your problem ?

  • @Perlchamp you should create a package.json for the module
    by doing npm init in the module folder, and answering the setup questins.
    the questions only add text to the package.json, nothing else

    and then

    then install your dependencies

    npm install --save sqlite3

    –save means add this to the package.json dependencies section

    when u are done, you can send the package.json to another person,
    and they can run npm install in the module folder and get the same
    supporting code installed for this module

    and if you asked for a SPECIFIC version of some library,
    that would be recorded in the package.json too, so the other user would get
    the same level of the dependency

  • @Perlchamp
    Thanks everyone for your help. What I was doing was using MMM-MarineWeather By Grena
    as a template to create a MarineTides version. In my simplicity I was loading the tide predictions from NOAA into a table and trying to use sqlite. The problems caused me to do a better job. Now I link to the NOAA website for the info. This allows the module to get the tide info from any (US) location. Works well. I’ll clean it up and try to add it to Git. May need help with that.
    Thanks again.

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