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A number of them rlly...

  • SO,
    I am a relatively new programmer. I am on a mac mini. I am doing a manual installation. My first problem was with the Magic Mirror section. So far I have
    Download the stable version of Node.js:

    Clone the latest MagicMirror code from:

    Navigate inside the MagicMirror folder

    cd MagicMirror
    Install MagicMirror dependencies

    sudo npm install

    On the youtube walkthrough, the next step is npm start and when he does it, some text starts up on electron. For me, I start up Electron but all I see is my cursor and a black background. The command says verify it starts so have I done something wrong or not??

    Secondly, I do the following:
    Verify it starts

    npm start
    Navigate out of the MagicMirror folder

    cd …
    Clone this repository (AI Smart Mirror)

    git clone
    Copy the folders in AI-Smart-Mirror/magic_mirror to MagicMirror/modules

    Copy the config.js file in AI-Smart-Mirror/magic_mirror to MagicMirror/config

    Make sure Ruby is installed:

    Install Homebrew:

    Navigate to the AI-Smart-Mirror folder

    cd AI-Smart-Mirror
    Install ffmpeg

    brew install ffmpeg

    I have been successful up to here but then the next instruction is:
    Use to create a virtual environment and install dependencies

    sudo ./

    When I enter this, the following text appears
    ./ line 3: pip: command not found
    ./ line 4: virtualenv: command not found
    ./ line 5: ./hhsmartmirror/bin/activate: No such file or directory
    ./ line 6: pip: command not found
    ./ line 7: pip: command not found

    What do I do?

  • @Mahieedaboss for MagicMirror use my script…
    see instructions here

    it works on mac too

    throw away the current magic mirror folder first…

    the other stuff, can’t help looks likes it old

  • What do you mean by throw away

    I am a real beginner

  • @Mahieedaboss said in A number of them rlly...:

    What do you mean by throw away

    if you don’t know the command line commands

    how would u erase/delete/throw away a file or folder on a mac?

    use the finder to locate the folder and drop it in the trashcan

  • Pip??
    Virtual env??

    GOOGLE??? (jk)
    but seriously, pip, virtual env, was this in the installation document??

  • @Mahieedaboss you reported

    ./ line 3: pip: command not found
    ./ line 4: virtualenv: command not found
    ./ line 5: ./hhsmartmirror/bin/activate: No such file or directory

    so, I searched on google for those strings… and came up with the link I posted

    were they in the document, uh… no, because there has been some change in the last THREE YEARS since that repo was updated… my my how is THAT possible?!.. lol

    the ONE skill EVERYONE needs in an opensource env, is the ability to search for resolutions of undocumented stuff…

    it is assumed that everything will break shortly… cause there are no commitments to forward compatibility anymore…

  • @sdetweil


    I rm -r the MagicMirror/ and AI-Smart-Mirror. I installed the installation script you said. I think it was successful because there was a new directory named Magic Mirror. The last line was this

    \e[92mWe’re ready! Run \e[1m\e[97mpm2 start MagicMirror\e[0m\e[92m from the ~/MagicMirror directory to start your MagicMirror.\e[0m

    I have a feeling it is telling me to do something. But what!!!
    Please help.

    P.S What time do you stay up till because this may take some time 😑 🙂

  • @sdetweil

    So is this all a waste of time? This project?

  • @Mahieedaboss said in A number of them rlly...:

    Run \e[1m\e[97mpm2 start MagicMirror\e[0m\e[92m from the ~/MagicMirror directory

    so, you need to open a terminal window
    then change to the users ~, MagicMirror folder MagicMirror, like this cd ~/MagicMirror

    once there, you will need to type the command

    npm start

    and then hit enter

    your next post… this project a waste of time? no idea… its old… don’t know what it did, don’t know if it will still work, or can be made to work…
    I know I spent some time working on the aiclient with someone else a while back (many months)
    I don’t remember the outcome

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