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Mi Temperature2 with xiaomi hygromether

  • Hello forum,

    Got a couple of this xiaomi hygrometers @home and found a good python script that reads values out of it.
    I’m not going to make a module to display the values on the Mirror as I’m not a coder and honestly not encouraged enough to even try to develop it; I’ve seen some other modules that execute python scripts so maybe somebody can try to put it on a module (as I said, Im not going to…) --> lack of acknowledgement, no time etc etc
    Just leave it written if someone interested for the locked days (and indeed: I am 😋 )
    tested on a pi 3B BTW

    keep safe, stay @ 🏠

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    @rubenix Hi, there ist a xiaomi Module…

  • Hey @Stoffbeuteluwe yeah seen that but unfortunately do not have the gateway.
    As the pi has BT it can connect directly to the hygrometer (have it next to it). python program works great but would be nice to show the info on the mirror…

  • Hi @rubenix , I wanna do the same thing without a gateway. I got a LYWSDCGQ Temp and Humidity sensor. I am able to read the values with mitemp and btlewrap on a Rpi4, but dont know yet how to plot the data to MMM efficiently. Any ideas?

  • Sorry @rubinho101 do not have a clue; Thats why I asked here.
    Hope someone can help us 🤞🏻
    There are loots of brilliant minds here 🤙🏻
    Two Rubens all over the world looking for the same f thing…LOL
    seen your post answering mine on github too…

  • no one can give some instructions for a newby?

  • I would be interested in this module as well. Am not able to code, but at least am able test.

  • @Albert2002 am not a coder neither but i can check/test too
    at the moment data its stored on a txt file so next move its creating my very first module (I should have underlined and bold that) / grab the text from the txt file created by the python script and display it on the Mirror; sounds like easy (sure it is) but its a big deal for me as im not a coder and have no much time to look at…
    like every single thing on earth it needs understanding on what we need (this its kinda sorted) and how it can be accomplished (thats the thing) --> so it means TIME 🕦 🕚

    hope someone can give us a kindly hand on this 🤙🏻

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