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Mirror testers needed

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    I am the creator of a project called MirrorDash and I am looking for people with old smartphones and tablets to test my web app.

    MirrorDash is a specially designed (see-through) mirror, that can be equipped with a smartphone or tablet.

    The idea behind this is to breathe new life into old smartphones and tablets, which are now dusting away in many drawers and also give non-tech people a chance of having a cool mirror.

    In addition to the mirror, I have also developed the corresponding web app that runs directly from the browser on your old device.

    Once the app is launched and placed behind the mirror, it can be controlled from any other device with a browser.

    Currently, the app is equipped with the following options:

    • 6 clocks (date / time) with the possibility to set different time zones

    • Weather

    • News

    • Stock ticker

    • Calendar for for Google, iCloud, hotmail / Outlook accounts. Basically any account that makes an .ics file available.

    Because I do not have every type of smartphone or tablet, I am looking for people who want to use their old device to test stability and I am also looking for feedback on design, ease of use, etc.

    I already test with a Samsung galaxy s4 mini, iphone 5s, Huawei Mate 10 Lite and a Samsung Tab A 2016 10.1 "

    Here you can find more about my project and there are also links for the app:

    Thank you


    Youtube video:

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