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Fresh MM install to PC with serveronly mode gives console errors.

  • Hi!
    I recently discovered MM and this community and I really fell love with the atmosphere and helpfulness.
    Today after a fresh MM installation on my Windows 10 HTPC when I launch serveronly mode to access it from my browser, the console reports lot of errors about certain MIME type problems and gaves a black screen. I’ve tried to research for this particular problem but I found nothing, or maybe I’ve searched in the wrong topics.
    I’ve followed this article for the installation:
    Unfortunately im not that of a IT guy and any help would be much appreciated!

    [Console log of errors]mimeerror.png

  • how did you install? looks like this is on windows?

    2 steps didn’t complete

    cd MagicMirror
    cd vendor
    npm install
    cd ..\fonts
    npm install

    restart MM

  • That totally worked, thank you so much for the fast reply!

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