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Building mirror without programing

  • Hi. I have spare laptop laying around here… What works but kinda usles for me. I was thinking to use it as Magic Mirror (MM) . Im more crafting person than programmer(programing is totaly 0). And im stuck in interface. Every tutotial tells how to run interface in Ras Pi . But is it possible to run it on W10? I have read that hosted web app is easly possible to turn to win app? can some one do that? or point out where to get that?
    I have tryed to find screensaver or Win app for interface but no luck here…
    Turning my laptop to MM would be so easy for me if i could run/find the interface . theres everything i need to run it (harware side), yes it might be owerkill as hardware side but right now that laptop is just collecting dust thats it…

    is there Someone who could make some sort of interface app for win? i would buy it eaven. and im guessing im not only one who has knowlege of crafting and hardware, but zero skills at programing…

    Would be realy realy awsome if someone could help me with that…

    Best regard
    Greetings from Estonia

  • Module Developer

    Hi man. You can run the magic mirror on a Windows system if you install node.js, which is at the heart of the mirror:

    I’m running a version of the MM on my desktop PC to build my modules, as it is much faster than my Raspberry Pi 1.
    What takes forever to load on my Pi is instantly shown on my desktop PC.

    I’m not sure if I can still remember how to set up the environment correctly, but try this:

    1. Download node.js -
    2. Install it on your Windows 10 PC
    3. Go to, click on “Clone or download”, then “Download ZIP”
    4. Extract the ZIP into a folder, e.g. D:\MagicMirror
    5. Go to the config folder on your PC and configure your mirror via the config.js file
    6. Open a Windows command prompt (Press WIN+R, type in “cmd”, hit ENTER)
    7. Navigate to your MagicMirror folder (In my example: cd “D:\MagicMirror”)
    8. Type “npm install” and hit ENTER
    9. Type “node serveronly” and hit ENTER
    10. Go to a browser of your choice (in W10 Edge is preinstalled and works) and in the address bar type in “localhost:8080” and hit ENTER

    If you want to stop the mirror from running, either close the command prompt window (where you entered “node serveronly”) or press CTRL+C if the command prompt is your active window.

  • That is freaking awsome
    Works like charm… Thats what i needed Whoop… You made my day!!

    Now wheres my nails and hammer and srewdrivers… need to start building it ASAP 🙂

  • Module Developer

    Glad to see I could help you :). The community spirit is what I love about this place…

    If you want to automate your setup so that the laptop boots to the mirror on startup, you would probably have to run a batch file at startup which both runs the “node serveronly” command as well as starts up a browser in fullscreen mode. Haven’t looked into it, but do share your setup, should you get that to work as well.

    And make sure to showcase your mirror once it’s done 😉

    Have fun piecing it together ^^

  • Sou. I tweakt liddle with my sacrafichal laptop so it runs on Win 10 and automaticly runs MM and node serveronly

    What to do so MM runs on win10

    Before You start to follow Yo-Less instructions you shoult prepare your laptop so it can run this way that you dont need to use keypoard and mous…

    You should install MM in to public folder like C:\Users\public\Magicmirror\

    And you should sheer that folder in your home network (right klick on folder and then properties, then sharing, then your username and pemissions give read/write)
    If you do that then you can tweak config and add/remove modules with other computer

    Then you should remove login for windows

    1. perss WIN+R and type netplwiz
    2. remove check mark from “user must enter username and pasword…”
    3. apply
    4. type in ur password for conferming ur settings

    Now your windows should login without pasword and username

    if thats done… you should tweak power settings…

    1. right klick on battery symbol on taskbar and choose “power options”
    2. klikc on “change when the computer sleeps”
    3. Both “turn of the display” and “put the computer to sleep” when plugged in choose “never”
      Now your computer doesnt sleep and turns of ur display

    Allmost in da end…

    You can follow now Yo-Less insturctions about installing node.jt and MM

    If thats done then theres final steps to setup chrome and final autorun

    In chrome set your homepage as “localhost:8080” in chrome settings

    1. Then make chrome shortcut in to desktop
    2. right klick and properties
    3. In Target… at the end of adress write -kiosk Like (“C:\Program Files (x86)\Google\Chrome\Application\chrome.exe” -kiosk ) This opens chrome in fullscreen
    4. aplly

    Now need all run atomaticly. For that we make .bat fail

    Make new text dokument in to desktop

    1. In there you write first line your MM location Like: cd C:\Users\public\Magicmirror\
    2. second line is: node serveronly

    .bat fail reads in cmd line by line sou your text file should look like:

    cd C:\Users\public\Magicmirror
    node serveronly

    1. Save as
    2. Save as type choose all files
    3. name it like “1bootmm.bat”
    4. Save

    Why theres 1 in name is cos it should be first thing what starts to boot when windows is logged in. In startup folder files, shortcuts start in order

    Last moves…

    1. Win+R
    2. type: shell:Startup
    3. copy your freshly made .bat fail and modified chrome shortcut in to startup folder

    Now it should run automaticly… It can happen that chrome starts faster than server is created so first 10-15 sec you see chrome offline screen. But moment MM starts it pops nicely…
    And now you dont neet to touch your MM laptop in normal restarts and when you want to modify MM fails

    I think topic should be changed “installing and setting up MM for Win 10”

    Hope its not to complicated writeing. Not my native language 😉

    Best regards

  • @yo-less Thanks for the tips But unfortunately i am getting an error on windows 10 PC

  • Module Developer

    @yo-less You’re a hero!

    I didn’t know this was possible either, but I’m gonna get it installed on my laptop.

    It’s annoying when I have a spare 30 minutes, but I have to get the pi/monitor out and set it all up before getting started!

    Now I can mess around and tinker on my laptop!


  • Project Sponsor Module Developer

    This method is no longer working… it’s throwing errors like crazy. Latest version of nodejs and npm still throws errors and won’t install.

  • Just in case someone bumps into this like I did, I just followed the directions yo-less posted above and it worked fine for me on windows 10.

  • Hy thanks this is working very fine.
    now i am trying to get it working with visual studio 2015.
    has anyone expirience with that IDE and node.js?

    i am able to load it, but i cannot start and debug the mm solution

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