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Need help with MMM-BMWConnect

  • I’m getting this error message upon starting MagicMirror:

    Failed to read file: Error: ENOENT: no such file or directory, open 'modules/MMM-BMWConnected/bmwtoken.json'
    Failed to read token:Couldn't find token in response

    I understand that the module is failing to create the token. Looking through the code, I see a reference to the “” site, as well as locale of “GB-en”. So I tried adding:

    apiBase: ""

    to config.js–still get the error. I wiped the module and pulled a fresh copy from github. I’ve validated my username/password by directly logging into the the US-based connecteddrive site.

    Anyone have a suggestion on how to fix this error?

  • @cenotaph said in Need help with MMM-BMWConnect:


    and u did these last two steps of install?

    cd MMM-BMWConnected
    npm install 

  • Yes.

    pi@raspberrypi:~/MagicMirror/modules/MMM-BMWConnected $ npm install
    added 3 packages from 7 contributors and audited 3 packages in 2.069s
    found 0 vulnerabilities

  • @cenotaph

    edit the module lib/tokenmanager.js

    add the line marked below

    console.log("token data ="+JSON.stringify(json))   // add this line before the one following already there
     if (typeof (json.token_type) === 'undefined' || typeof (json.access_token) === 'undefined') {
        _error("Couldn't find token in response");

    if using pm2, then stop mm, (pm2 stop 0)
    run your MM again with

    cd ~/MagicMirror
     npm start >somefile.txt

    then stop MM with ctrl-c
    then edit the somefile.txt
    and file the line
    “token data =”
    post the rest, its possible the api changed

  • @sdetweil said in Need help with MMM-BMWConnect:

    console.log(“token data =”+JSON.stringify(json))

    [2020-05-09 16:47:59.840] [LOG]    token data ={"":"access_denied"}

    I do have active subscriptions for Remote Services and BMW Connected+. I’m able to interact with cardata through the app on my phone (just in case there was a question as to whether or not I should be able to use the module.)

    I really appreciate your taking time to help me with this.

  • @cenotaph and u added your userid and password to the module config

    like this

            config: {
                email: "",
                password: "myComplexPassword"

  • Yes. And I’ve copy/pasted from config.js to the login form on the web site to make sure that there’s no typo in config.js.

  • @cenotaph where r u located? in the US someplace

  • @cenotaph yeh, I think the authorization credentials in the token manager won’t work.

    I don’t know where that came from … but I suspect it needs to be per user, like spotify, amazon, google, u need to make an ‘app’ with permissions to connect to the data

  • I have been using this module for the past 3 or so months. Initially I had the same issue. What you need to do is to download the powershell scripts from the module’s GitHub page. Run those and see if you get any data back. I can help you if you experience any issues with this.

    You will have to try different end points until you find the correct one for your region. I then changed the locale as described in the above posts and it’s been working since.

    I have since changed the module a bit to add more functionality.

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