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MMM-GoogleTasks moving other modules

  • Hi everyone,

    I recently installed the module MMM-GoogleTasks on my mirror in the top right corner under MMM-DailyBibleVerse, and noticed that when Google Tasks loads onto the mirror, it moves DailyBibleVerse to the left. At first there was an error almost exactly like the one I’m experiencing now, but I was able to fix it by editing out these lines in the css.

      /*.MMM-GoogleTasks .container {
          display: grid;
          grid-template-columns: 1fr auto;
          transform: translateY(-.6em);

    Today the error is back again, and only occurs when Google Tasks is running (When I edit out the module in config, DailyBibleVerse displays normally).

    Does anyone have any ideas?


  • Still happening on the mirror, but only when Google Tasks loads onto the screen the dailybibleverse module moves to the left. I tried using padding-left on dailybibleverse but it didn’t work. It starts out fine then when Google Tasks loads it moves.

    Anyone know what to do?

  • @gwiz i posted a suggested bypass on discord

  • Hey @sdetweil, still no progress on getting the two modules to work together. Is there anything else you’d recommend trying?

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